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Herd immunity / protection: An important indirect benefit of vaccination

Author: Fondation Mérieux
Publisher: Fondation Mérieux
Type: Event
Language: English
Published: 13/08/2010
Published online: 4/10/2010
Theme: Prevention and Vaccines


This conference will bring together vaccinologists, epidemiologists, immunologists, veterinarians, health economists, decision makers and representatives from regulatory agencies and from non governmental organizations.

Successful vaccination programs will be discussed with a specific focus on herd immunity.

In addition to the well-documented direct benefit to the vaccinated individual there are multiple indirect benefits to the close contacts, neighbours, at the community level as well as for society as a whole. Successful immunization in population has an effect on the transmission of disease.

  • How can we define this benefit?

  • How can we measure it?

  • What are the different methodologies?

The economic impact of vaccination is a rare example of a health intervention that is not only cost beneficial but also cost saving. Herd immunity / protection are very relevant factors to consider before introducing a new vaccine in an immunization program and for monitoring and assessing / evaluating this program.

Case studies will be discussed regarding diverse cultural, epidemiological, socio-economical, climatic, geographical as well as political situations in different areas of the world. In addition, animal vaccination should also be considered when evaluating the overall benefit of vaccination to human public health.

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