Global Link for Online Biomedical Expertise (GLOBE)

Author: Prof François Simon
Publisher: Fondation Mérieux
Contributor(s) : Fanny Blondin, Josette Najjar, Jason Soffe, ACTI
Type : Module
Language(s): English, French
Published: 15/03/2010
Posted online: 15/03/2010
Theme: Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities / Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance

Access diagnosing infections with HIV module »

With 2 million deaths, 2.7 million new infections and 33 million persons living with HIV / AIDS in the world, this pathology represents always one of the greatest health threats of developing countries, and especially of Sub-Saharan Africa, which counts 67 % of adult infections and 90 % of the chidren, and south-east Asia.

The burden of HIV / AIDS infection is considerable because it also causes a high morbidity with economic and social consequences.

Diagnosis has an important role in the detection, the choice of care delivery as well as the prevention of HIV transmission. 

This training module will allow professionals to have recommendations and instruction, images and videos in order to improve knowledge and techniques as well asthe reading and interpretation of results.

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