Global Link for Online Biomedical Expertise (GLOBE)

Prevention and Vaccines is dedicated to the reinforcement of infectious diseases prevention and particularly vaccine awareness and skills but also for establishing local expertise and specific networking for exchanging experiences in this field.

If you wish to learn more about vaccination best practices, be informed about new recommendations, find out about future technological progress in vaccine development and search for adapted information to answer patient interrogations about vaccines, the content of this area will be interesting for you.

You can find for this specific theme a web-based community for exchange and experts onsultations, online resources, E-learning solutions and updated news.

GLOBE was designed to promote north-south and south-south scientific interactions. Thus, we encourage you to take part in discussions and working groups, to submit your scientific productions, and to participate to the continuous training opportunities.

Former ADVAC attendees will be able to join an exclusive ADVAC discussion group in the GLOBE network section of the site.

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