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Vaccination FAQs

Author : Dr Nicole Guérin
Publisher: Fondation Mérieux
Type: Pratical sheets
Language(s): English
Published: 24/11/2008
Updated: 1er/04/2009
Theme: Prevention and Vaccines

In what way is a vaccine different from a medicine? Why do certain countries use oral vaccines and others injectable vaccines against poliomyelitis? Can a person be vaccinated against both yellow fever and measles on the same day?

In the field, healthcare professionals responsible for vaccination are confronted with questions of their own as well as from their patients. These FAQs, focused on practical situations, give a multitude of answers to these questions.

To create a tool that matches actual conditions in the field and meets the needs of doctors and nurses conducting vaccination in developing countries, Fondation Mérieux has enlisted the help of participants in the ADVAC (Advanced Vaccinology) course.

These people – healthcare professionals and policymakers – are continually in contact with field workers. Through them, Fondation Mérieux has compiled most of the questions asked by people in the field in these FAQs.

This module was prepared by Fondation Mérieux and Dr Nicole Guérin, MD, a vaccination expert responsible for the French Vaccination Guide.

Fondation Mérieux wishes to thank Pr Claire-Anne Siegrist MD, Chair of Vaccinology at the University of Geneva for supervising this training tool.

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