Global Link for Online Biomedical Expertise (GLOBE)

This web-based network aims to ensure discussion opportunities related to the main topics and to establish a private working and exchange area for different networks of specialists. This community will promote north-south and south-south scientific, medical and biomedical interactions.

The exchange is available in two distinct areas:

  • GLOBE network exchange area: All Globe network users will have automatic access to this part where discussion forums related to GLOBE themes (Diagnosis, Surveillance & Epidemiology, and Vaccinology) are available.

  • Private exchange area: Associated networks and partners working groups will be represented in this part. They will be delivering a specific access for their users and will manage information, data and documents exchange in their private sections.

The actual number of members is: 639

By joining GLOBE community you agree on:

  • Globe terms of use

  • The publication of your minimum profile (name, profession, city, country)

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Terms of use

The personal information that you provide to us will soon be disseminated on our web site for free consultation.

Taking into account that the characteristics of the network, the free capturing of the information disseminated and the difficulty, and even the impossibility, of controlling the use that could be made by third parties of the information, we inform you that you can refuse such dissemination by not validating your registration to the GLOBE network.

We remind you that you have access rights to edit, update and delete your personal data. In access these rights, go to the page 'My Profile' and click on the button: 'Edit my Profile'.

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