Global Link for Online Biomedical Expertise (GLOBE)

Almost 17 million people die each year due to infectious and parasitic diseases (30% of all deaths due to disease burden). Most of theses cases occur in developing countries

Fondation Mérieux is an independent foundation (with an official charitable status) which aims to prevent and diagnose infectious diseases in developing countries. To achieve its mission, four main areas of action were identified:

  • Clinical biology laboratories

  • Collaborative research programmes

  • Training and exchange of knowledge

  • Support to local initiatives

In this framework and in order to reinforce and capitalize on expertise and networking between health professionals using modern information and communication technologies, the GLOBE (Global Link for Online Biomedical Expertise) programme was initiated in 2007.

GLOBE is oriented towards three themes Diagnosis, Surveillance and epidemiology, and Vaccinology and provides for each of these topics different tools and resources.

GLOBE portal has a double entry:

  • Vertical so that the user can choose the topic that he is interested in and its associated tools;

  • Transversal so that the user can choose the tool he needs in relation or not to a specific topic.

GLOBE portal is specifically designed to be easily accessible by taking into account technical barriers in developing countries. Moreover, due to the lack of availability of access and to reduce printing, the content will be more often downloadable.

One of the GLOBE challenges will be to encourage the user to be the major actor in the progress of the portal both in terms of the content (by submitting new resources, using and rating the proposed content) and the network (by participating actively the forums and being engaged in different communities).

Finally, GLOBE seeks to the establishment of new partnerships with other institutes, organizations, networks and projects concerned and involved in infectious diseases and in online support of professionals in developing countries.

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