Global Link for Online Biomedical Expertise (GLOBE)

GLOBE supports the continuous training of scientific experts, clinical laboratory staff and public health professionals. For this, interactive modules as well as a large panel of Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and courses will be available in the E-learning section.

These tools will strengthen the capacities and the awareness of the healthcare workers regarding infectious diseases and could contribute also to the reduction of the "brain drain".

In this section, tools related to epidemiology and surveillance will soon be available.

Worksheets & standard procedures
Author Publisher Type Language(s) Published / Published online Theme

Control of Communicable Diseases Manual

David L. Heymann American Public Health Association Worksheets French 11/2010 Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance

Temporary exhibitions - Doctor Mérieux biological sciences museum

  Biological sciences museum
Worksheets French 11/2011 Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance

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