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Since 2000, Fondation Mérieux in collaboration with the Université de Genève organize annualy the Advanced Course of Vaccinology (ADVAC) at its Les Pensières conference centre.

ADVAC: a two-week training programme for decision-makers, including academia, industry, governmental and non-governmental agencies, in all fields related to vaccines and vaccination, vaccine trials, new vaccines, vaccination strategies and policies, vaccine-specific issues (including hepatitis, meningitis, polio, measles, pneumococcal diseases, influenza, malaria, HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, HPV, rotavirus, dengue & JE), ethical issues related to vaccine trials, financing of immunization policy, communication


The course aims to facilitate critical decision-making in vaccinology by providing participants with a comprehensive overview of the field, from immunology to vaccine development and clinical trials and the social, economic, political and ethical issues of vaccination.

Who should apply?

This advanced course is for scientists and decision-makers involved in vaccine development, in the elaboration of new vaccination strategies or in policy decisions related to the introduction of new vaccines in public health programmes, at national or international levels. It is relevant for both the public and private sectors.

Selection criteria

Participants (maximum 60) will be selected by an International scientific committee, according to their: Educational background, Involvement in vaccinology. Decision-making responsibility in vaccinology. Expected impact of the course at personal, institutional and national levels.

Practical information on the location of the Advanced Course of Vaccinology at Les Pensières (,373-) can be obtained on the Fondation Mérieux website.

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