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The Fondation Mérieux web site is written in XHTML 1.0 Strict and strictly complies with the W3C recommendations and the various accessibility recommendations.

If you have the slightest problem, do not hesitate to contact us to resolve the problem.


Not all internet users are able to browse adequately with a mouse. To counter this problem, this site has been designed to be fully accessible using a keyboard.

  • For Windows, press « ALT + an accesskey »

  • For Macintosh, press « CTRL + an accesskey »

Accesskeys that can be used in the whole of the Fondation Mérieux site:

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User guide

  • Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox for Windows: press the « Shiftt » and « Alt » keys simultaneously and one of the accesskeys.

  • Internet Explorer 6 for Windows: press the « Alt » key and one of the accesskeys on the keyboard (not the numeric keypad) and then press the Enter key to go to the desired location.

  • Opera 7 for Windows, Macintosh and Linux : « Esc + Shift » and accesskey.

  • Internet Explorer for Macintosh: « Ctrl » and accesskey, then Enter.

  • Safari 1.2 for Macintosh: « Ctrl » and accesskey.

  • Mozilla and Netscape for Macintosh : « Ctrl » and accesskey.

  • Galeon, Mozilla and FireFox for Linux : « Alt » and accesskey.

  • Konqueror 3.3+ : « Ctrl », then accesskey (one after the other).

Netscape 4, Camino, Galeon, Konqueror before version 3.3.0, Omniweb, Safari before version 1.2, Opera Windows and Linux before version 7, do not support accesskeys.

Compliance with W3C standards

The XHTMLcode complies with XHTML 1.0 Strict specification. It has been tested using the W3C HTML validator.

The CSS code complies with CSS2 specification. It has been tested using the W3C CSS validator.

However, a bug known by the validator (linked to the character encryption) prevents direct CSS validation from HTML files. The URLs submitted to the CSS validator are therefore those of the style sheets themselves.

The Fondation Mérieux web site pages comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guideline. They have been tested using WebXact and Wave validators.

Compliance with WAI standards

One of Fondation Mérieux’s objectives when creating this site was of course to comply in full with the principles of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). This approach allows the site to be fully accessible to users with functional limitations, but also able to respond to the adaptability means of an ageing population and internet users in general.

Compliance with accessibility rules

In its current version, Fondation Mérieux complies with:

Level a : all priority 1 accessibility rules satisfied

Level aa : all priority 1 and 2 accessibility rules satisfied


For any image on the page that has an alternative, text in the « ALT » attribute is assigned according to the context in which the image is located. The graphic elements for use as decoration have « ALT="" » added. If an image needs a detailed description, a text commentary is attached.


Information given by the color can also be read if the colors are disabled. The difference in contrast between the colors is sufficiently high and has been tested using the Vischeck simulator.


As Fondation Mérieux's default text is in French and English, language changes are indicated with the attribute « xml:lang ». The main language on each page is specified in the HTML element « lang » attribute.


The « summary » attribute is used to provide additional information on how to use the tables. In the data tables, the « th » tag indicates the column headers and provides technical support.


Related links are grouped logically and structurally. The attribute « title » is used to provide additional information, e.g. « open in new window ».


Actions generated by JavaScript scripts can be completed even if the peripheral device for which they are intended is switched off.

Structure and presentation of the information

The Fondation Mérieux web pages are structured coherently, using « h1, h2 ».

The site map comprises a set of clear links and can be browsed in the same way from any page on the site.
The content of the pages are separated from its presentation by using style sheets (CSS) for formatting and with the style sheets disabled the order the information appears is respected.

Relative values (em) are used for font sizes.


The « label » tag and corresponding attributes (id, for) are attached to directly connect the entry field with the text with which it is associated.


The site's main internal navigation is always on the same place on the page. It is easy to browse from page to page without using a breadcrumb navigator. The site's main links have keyboard shortcuts that use a combination of letters and numbers.


Abbreviations and acronyms are marked with the « acronym » element. The « title » attribute shows their meaning when they first appear in a page.

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